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Hey sup I am new here.


Im bouta write a bit about myself. My name is Angel Pacheco from Compton California. 20 years of age. I been living here since I was 3 years old from what I recall. Started taking pictures back in 2012 on 35mm only. I like to get drunk, have good times and see girls shake their ass. If you like my photos...


Summer B-sides


  Thought i’d post a little selection of pics collected over summer which should give you an insight of what i’ve been up to when not exploring deepest darkest Europe. ...

35mm, People, Travel

Tokyo Chillin’/Livin’


The other month I got to spend a strong amount of time in Tokyo. My first time out there, so the whole experience was pretty out this world amazing. Literally everyday topped the day before. I can’t stress enough on how much I feel it’s a must visit place, but definitely if you can link with...


Our party was better than whatever you watched on TV that night


 For those unfamiliar with any of our social medias or you under-rock dwellers, you won’t know that we threw a party in London a couple of weeks ago. Check out our coverage of the night, the quality of the photos reflects the amount of tequila I drank before deciding to shoot anything. Biggest...


The Bronze Guide: Portugal


The Bronze Trade is another year older, what better way to celebrate than with a holiday? Earlier this month, 10 of the team jetted (ryanair’d) off to Portugal for a week of drinking in the sun. Here’s our guide of how to have fun abroad: DRIVE GERMAN WHIPS / BUY A MILLION BEERS We flew...

35mm, Music

Electric Brixton’s security are on a powertrip


Do they know who man is?? I obviously don’t carry ID. Only because I lost it in february after mistakenly picking up somebody elses coat that apparently did not have my battered passport in the inside pocket. Not pictured is the painful 3 hours I spent in Her Majesty’s Passport office, overhearing...


A Night With Pusha T


King Push has spent a lot of time in London recently, we couldn’t let him come through without taking some pictures. We went down KOKO in Camden, a couple of Friday’s ago to catch his ‘My Name Is My Name’ show. Meridian Dan and Yogi filled the support slots, I didn’t get...


Throne – Tharsis Sleeps


If you’ve been keeping an eye on our Facebook, you’ll remember that we posted a kickstarter project from the band Throne. They wanted to raise £6,666 to create a video to one of their songs that they described as ‘An epic animation made entirely with embroidery, following the band...