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The Sunshine State


Florida’s artificial intensity is completely overwhelming, but it’s genuinely my favourite place on earth. Recently I went on holiday to The Sunshine State, understandably it’s not the place you would usually enjoy between the ages of 12 and 70 but either way it’s full of attractions,...


I’ve had a pretty good week.


  I’ve had a pretty good week and these photos will show that. To be honest i’ve actually been injured so my normal routine of running and playing basketball has been on hold but I can definitely still walk and get social which is what I did. Bananas are my staple on shoot snack. This is...


Life Off The Edge


Another series of portraits of intoxication furthering the aesthetic you’ve probably come to expect from me over the last couple of years. Life has been fairly quiet recently, i’m about to partake in a 46 day trip around the United States so all efforts have been going into the organisation...

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Smoking Pixels

 I recently got a new point and shoot camera and i’ve literally been taking photos of everything which is cool, especially because this camera is great and kinda has a film vibe. I’ve been mad busy so this is a lot of in between stuff. Have a read below. – Nike Lacing me up a lot at...

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Expert Opinions: Fortified Wines


I like shit things. I like not showering, I like instant noodles, I like O’Neill’s pubs, I like Bombay Mix, I like super-strength lager. I like shit things. One other shit thing I like is flavoured fortified wine. You could call it tonic wine, or bum wine, call it whatever you want, I like...

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Hey sup I am new here.


Im bouta write a bit about myself. My name is Angel Pacheco from Compton California. 20 years of age. I been living here since I was 3 years old from what I recall. Started taking pictures back in 2012 on 35mm only. I like to get drunk, have good times and see girls shake their ass. If you like my photos...


Summer B-sides


  Thought i’d post a little selection of pics collected over summer which should give you an insight of what i’ve been up to when not exploring deepest darkest Europe. ...

35mm, People, Travel

Tokyo Chillin’/Livin’


The other month I got to spend a strong amount of time in Tokyo. My first time out there, so the whole experience was pretty out this world amazing. Literally everyday topped the day before. I can’t stress enough on how much I feel it’s a must visit place, but definitely if you can link with...